Pia shares Her Dark Half - Issue #16

It has started….You can feel it in the stores, in parking lots and on the roads. It’s in the air, and the buzz is on.I’m talking about…holiday madness! So, I’m gonna keep it short, ‘cause…gobblegobblejinglebells!

Now that holiday season is in full swing, the pressure is on. Gotta buy those presents, gotta plan the trip to see family, gotta buy even more presents for the company holiday party, gotta clean the place before family arrives, gotta plan the meals, gotta get the groceries, gotta get gas first, oh and don’t forget about that event for the kids!

And then you gotta figure out how to pay for all of this!

Jolly good times, eh? NOT! Do people even remember what the season is all about, no matter what faith they believe (or don’t)?

I’m sure some of you enjoy this annual insanity and it is “fun stress” for you, because after all, you get to spend time with your family and friends. If you are one of them, carry on (and good for you - no snarky snark). You can stop reading here and get back to running your errands while it’s nice outside, lol!

But for many of us, the real horror begins as soon as Halloween is over. All that merry, merry. Ugh. And this year things are even rougher, with inflation, gas prices, overseas war (and some of us have family/friends over there) and let’s not forget there’s still Covid going around, now with flu season on top, yay! Some of us are dealing with health issues and some of us have lost people this year. Why put on a fake happy face when it only hurts us more, because we’re not jolly when we’re all supposed to be?

So, how do we stay sane the next few weeks?

I have some ideas…for example:

1. Stay home!

Who says you have to do all those things? The media? The endless commercials everywhere? Because it’s tradition? Because it’s the season and that’s just what you do? Because your family expects it?

Plead exhaustion. Physical and mental exhaustion. I mean, aren’t most of us just …tired these days? And I bet you’ll find a few people concurring and breathing a secret sigh of relief that they’ve been let off the hook too. After all, family wants what’s best for you, right?

I know it’s easier said than done, but, hey, it’s worth a try! Just imagine: Instead of fighting crowds at the airport, dealing with delays, lost luggage and later possible family drama, you could be sitting in your own home, decorated or not, cozy with your loved ones (human or animal) and seeing the people you were supposed to travel to via Zoom instead - this time by choice, not because of a pandemic. Save that money for something you really need. Sleep in your own bed. Get some real rest.

2. Get creative!

Who needs the stress of what to buy as presents! And how much money to spend on them?

Here’s a tip: Give a gift of your own creation! Well, there’s a thought! Which circles us right back to the purpose of this newsletter: Get creative! You still have time. I mean, it’s free and it’s something you put time and love into. Who doesn’t appreciate that?

And there’s a plethora of things you could make yourself!

Paint or draw something and put it in a nice frame if you have one laying around. If not, roll it up and put a bow on it. Knit that sweater or beanie! Compose that little ditty and record it! Write that little poem or story!

If you’re “not an artist and don’t have any talent” (we’ve talked about this, but I’ll play along), how about making that killer pie or cake or cookies to die for with all the sparklies. Get creative on the icing. Don’t tell me you don’t have any creativity in you. Nonsense!

3. Breathe!

I can’t stress it enough (get it…stress? See what I did there? Oh, come on, let me have that one…I’m in a good mood for once, mkay?). Anyhoo, find a little humor in the absurdity of it all. Life is short and we shouldn’t take everything so damn seriously. Breathe! Be in the moment. Take the time to meditate. I’m deadly serious about that one. That one can be a life saver.

There you go - I kept this newsletter short. Hope it helps and inspires!

Feeling guilty for even entertaining the thought of doing your own thing this holiday season? Need permission?

Here: I give you permission to jingle all the way!

As always, have a creative weekend!

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Thank you from the bottom of my black little heart!

Dark Greetings,


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