Pia shares Her Dark Half - Issue #2

My tips and a nudge to embrace your artistic (dark?) side

Don’t fear your dark side! We all have one, so might as well make ‘good’ use of it.

I decided to start a (hopefully) useful newsletter giving you my insight on how to find and unlock your own creative self! 

There's also a selfish reason involved and that is to hold myself accountable and keep a schedule...and also update you on whatever projects I’m working on. My plan is to publish one newsletter every two weeks. Can I keep it up? We shall see! Depends on how much interest there is, too – maybe you wanna subscribe? If yes, please do! Come on…what’s a little more email spam? But seriously, if you DO subscribe…you might want to check your spam folder 'cause gmail isn’t messing around and might relegate my stuff to the dustbin of history before it even gets a chance to shine!

Now to YOU!

So, what's holding you back? Not enough time? No idea where to start? You think you have no 'talent'? Why bother? What IS art even?

Well....let me just say that everybody has to start somewhere! If you're worried about the time, just start with ten minutes! Just doodle something, anything. It doesn't have to be perfect and you don't have to be 'talented' or extraordinarily gifted. (You might surprise yourself, though). Science has proven over and over again that engaging in any artistic endeavor is therapeutic and good for your brain! If you don't put pressure on yourself and you simply accept the fact that you're just going to have fun for 10 minutes and focus only on that little piece of paper in front of you without any expectation...your brain has a chance to chill out for a bit and your doodling almost amounts to meditation!

Don't have any professional art supplies? No worries. Just grab a regular pencil, ballpoint pen or marker. Start there!

Now, what to doodle or draw? Look at that coffee cup in front of you, or that half-dead flower in your vase..or that crusty dried-out bagel on your plate! I mean...the stuff is right in front of you!

Why the ten minute doodle? Because it's short enough to squeeze in while you wait on something or someone, any time of day. And it's just long enough to get really into it as well. Also, if you don't finish, continue the next day. The point is to make it a daily habit and watch what happens! You'll start looking forward to it, because your brain will look forward to it. Just give it a chance and trust me on this! Yes, there might be days where you have to force it or you don't feel like it, or you're too tired...

Ten minutes. Just start! What have you got to lose?

I'll check back with you in two weeks and see how you're doing! Of course, make sure to subscribe to keep the flow! I'll dive much deeper into my bag of tricks in the upcoming editions!


Meanwhile, I do have something dark and witchy to share! Most urgent and time sensitive! I will display/sell three of my original paintings in the art gallery at Secret Morgue: Witches’ Night Edition on Saturday, April 30th (also known as Walpurgisnacht) at the Comic-Con Museum!

Secret Morgue is such a cool annual event here in San Diego! It hasn’t been held since 2019, thanks to the pandemic, and last time the theme was aliens, as in sci-fi creatures. I had such a blast and can’t wait to see what the Film Geeks and Beth Accomando are conjuring up this time! This year it’s all about witches… and of course, when Beth asked me if I had any art relating to this theme I just couldn’t resist! There will be seven films including a San Diego Premiere, two meals (Bombay Coast returns!), a talk about witches in history from SDSU professor Dr. Elizabeth Pollard, art show, and raffle prizes. You will also have a chance to purchase a ticket to the Comic-Con Museum for 50% off and there will be a raffle for witchy prizes too! Get your tickets here before they sell out …(they have every year so far)! Yes, super short notice, but better late than never!

So, if it has been your absolute goal in life to own an original art piece by yours truly, aka Her Dark Half, here's your chance!

Get your tickets here!


That's it for today - I hope you have an awesome weekend! Cheers!

Here’s to hoping for your return by hitting that subscribe link! ‘See’ you in two weeks!


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