Pia shares Her Dark Half - RIP 2022

Krampus and kitties and shiny new things

You made it to the end of the year!

Well, just a few more days left, I don't wanna jinx it...who knows what might still happen. My dark half is thinking "Don't count your chickens before they hatched". Call me superstitious, but that's just typical me!

There are Year in Review posts and Top Ten lists everywhere and I was tempted to do the same, but, naaahhh. I'd rather stay in the present.

Ch ch ch changes…

…are coming!

First the "bad" news: This is my last newsletter of 2022 - and the last one on this platform, called “Revue”. Twitter bought the newsletter platform in 2021; and once Twitter changed ownership, lots of things changed, including ‘Revue’ getting the ax. They are shutting down the entire Revue platform in January. Bummer.

Now the great news: I was made aware of the impending change a few months ago and that gave me plenty of time to check out and find a new home for my newsletter. So, starting in 2023, my newsletter, which will still be called Pia shares Her Dark Half, will be on Beehiiv, woot! I transferred all my previous editions too, in case you missed some of them. You'll notice a new look and that the text at the bottom of the newsletter email says ‘Powered by Beehiiv’ instead of Revue. You don't have to do or change anything!

There will also be a change to the format and frequency. Instead of dropping a new edition every other Friday, I’m thinking about releasing my newsletter once a month. Maybe on the 13th of every month… I’m still working it out. There may also be special editions when the need arises - we shall see.

I also want to make my newsletter a bit more versatile - call it a kind of 'newsletter variety show'. It will include informative subjects/features, sprinkled with some interesting tidbits and entertainment, and a few updates of my own creative endeavors.

This is also a good opportunity for you to let me know what kind of things you would look forward to reading here. I want to make sure I'm bringing you value.

Of course, it's still my goal to inspire YOU to get creative!

The main reason for the change in frequency is because I’m getting more and more involved with my Patreon shenanigans - in a good way! One of my projects there is my ‘Diary of an Indoor Cat’ where I release ongoing diary entries for my Patreon members to read, as I write them. The plan is to make it into a cute (!) book with illustrations sometime late/end of 2023.

Did you just read the word 'cute' in relation to my creations? Yes, yes, you did! Sometimes, you just have to balance things out a bit.

Since I’m feeling all giddy about 2022 ending (including the holiday season), here’s the very first entry of my 'Diary of an Indoor Cat' for you:

Date: October 23rd 2022 


I’m Fress, Bringer of Trophies, Ender of Vermin, the last of the Strong Runner Tribe; but my humans simply call me Chucky. I decided to start a diary, since I’m now old enough to form coherent thoughts and sentences. Shall I introduce myself a little more thoroughly?  

Fine, then. I’ll do it anyway. I’m a beautiful, striped feline with gorgeous green eyes that look like they’ve been rimmed with black eyeliner. My whiskers are white and my purr is quiet. I lost my mother when I was very little and I have no idea where my siblings are. We did spend seven precious weeks together, from what I’ve been told. I don’t remember much from that time, unfortunately. Only a flew flashbacks and glimpses. My mother was all black and she took great care of us, until the day she drank something really bad that made her sick. Some people took her away in a rush and she never returned. I assume she died, because she would never have abandoned us.

Interestingly, writing about my past is bringing more memories back! I have to try to remember more! Oh, wait. I just heard my favorite noise…the sound of tasty morsels filling my feeding bowl! Gotta run! 

I promise to write more soon.

Excerpt from 'Diary of an Indoor Cat'

Intrigued? Wanna read more entries?

You can totally help me with this project by becoming a member of my Patreon family! There are many other perks included, like free digital downloads of my art, behind the scenes stuff, works in progress, giveaways and more! You can see details and how it works or even sign up here (patreon.com/piathrasher). It's super easy. Thanks in advance for even checking it out!

About that homework assignment a few weeks ago...

Did you make your own gratitude jar? Why? Because it's almost time for that fun end-of-year 'happy dump'! What am I talking about? If you need a refresher, read this previous edition and join in on the fun for next year.

Creative writing prompt for the end of the year

Let's start with your personal truths for 2022 to warm up:

  • Make a list of what you gained and what you lost in 2022

  • What was most unexpected in your life in 2022?

  • What was left undone in 2022 that you still want to accomplish?

Now let's get a bit more creative:

  • Write an unsent letter to your friends, loved ones or other significant others about this past year.

  • Write a letter to your future self, giving yourself advice for the new year. Maybe even seal it in an envelope and mark "Read on December 31st, 2023". I'm sure it would make an interesting read at the end of 2023 and see how things have turned out!

  • Find a pic that best represents you in 2022, and write about it. Anything goes. Just for yourself, or for sharing with the world. (If you do share it, please let me know, I'd love to see/read it!)

You can make this serious and thoughtful, or you can make it silly and find a sense of humor doing this - or both. The point is to give your writing muscles a flex!

Off you go!

In Closing

With that, I wish you all warm and safe holidays, however/whatever you celebrate, don't let the Krampus get you, and a Happy New Year 2023, or like we say in Fränkisch:"an gudn Ruddsch!" (a good slide)

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Thank you from the bottom of my black little heart!

Dark Greetings,


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