Pia Thrasher's monthly musings newsletter - Issue #1

This is a test of the Pia Broadcasting System!

My first (very short) newsletter, so bear with me!

Happy Easter!

Why not start with an easy one! Easter is not just about the bunny and hunting for colorful eggs! It's not even all about Jesus! *gasp*...Did I just say this out loud?

The story of Easter is as much rooted in paganism as it is in Christianity. The holiday owes its name to Eostra, the Germanic goddess of spring and fertility. You can read a bit more about this goddess here.

However you celebrate - I wish you a Happy Easter with your friends and family! 

Here's a short narrated video by 'Tool' Singer Maynard Keenan that just might get you to ponder the important things:

Until next time!



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